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Healing Gemstones

Healing Stones

and their effects

Thousands of years ago people knew of the invigorating powers that minerals and precious stones can have on people. But what should healing stones actually be? Healing stones or health stones are objects that are said to have a healing effect on illnesses or that, if used correctly, are intended to improve well-being.

Meaning of the healing stones

The meaning of the word healing stone relates to the teaching of stone healing that certain stones have the ability to have a healing effect on people or living beings. Because the healing stone theory is based on the fact that energy emanates from every object in the world. This can be demonstrated in the electromagnetic radiation that every object emits, be it plants, animals, people or inanimate objects such as stones.The energy, in the form of heat, food and light, which all these objects absorb, they get from their environment. 

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Healing stones

are not always made of stone


Object was intentionally used here as a name for the healing stone or health stone, because such stones are not always real stones and thus minerals. There are also fossil substances that are used as healing stones, amber is a good example here. After all, it is petrified resin that is several million years old.

But the other stones are also mostly very old and in this case old really means an age of several million years. Because the gemstones were created through a lot of pressure and over time. And so the stones also contain corresponding energies.

Certain stones are not only popular as healing stones, but also as jewelry or flatterers. Healing stones can be precious or semiprecious stones, but also of organic origin (amber) or simply rock (lapis lazuli).

Gem therapy and lithotherapy

The use of healing stones or health stones is called gemstone therapy or lithotherapy. The stones are partly carried, but sometimes the affected parts of the body are also placed on it, sometimes it is enough if such stones are simply in the room (rock crystals and amber for asthma sufferers). Not only are particularly large stones set up, but geodes also develop additional forces. But stones can also be placed in water or made into creams. And sometimes it is also important to strengthen the energies of one stone with other stones.

Well-known healing stones and their effects

In the healing stone lexicon there are a few more – not so well known – healing stones listed. But here is a small list of very well-known and frequently used healing stones:

Lapis lazuli

Throat chakra, positive effect on skin and respiratory tract. Has an antihypertensive effect. The lapis lazuli is supposed to protect against excessive UV exposure and computer radiation. It is also said to alleviate the effects of sunburn. Lapis lazuli.


The fascination of stones



Stones hold a fascination for most of us. Children who collect special pebbles, adults who are enthusiastic about a specially shaped stone on the beach or on the path, are not uncommon. And some would like to bring a stone collection home from the beach from their vacation, but then decide in favor of the mussels because of the weight.

But there are also people for whom stones are not part of nature, they are lifeless, hard and cold. In no case do they have healing powers. And of course one is of the opinion that healing stones can have an influence on people through colors (color therapy), shape or the minerals they contain, landed in the esoteric corner.

History of the healing stones

When and where the first time a stone was declared a healing stone – that can no longer be traced today. It is well known that the Sumerians used stones to decorate buildings and statues and to make cylinder seals. And also that the stones were used as grave supplements. The Egyptians didn’t just use gemstones as jewelry, and that didn’t change with the Romans either. One of the most famous people of the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen, wrote about healing stones and the fascination did not decrease in modern times either.

How should healing stones work?

Healing stones are said to release physical but also mental blockages with their accumulated energy, i.e. to heal. The idea behind it is not new, gemstones have been venerated as sacred since the earliest times and worn or carried to protect against negative influences.

It becomes interesting when you look at the healing stone theory up close. There are gemstones that are supposed to help as healing stones against a lot of ailments: Here the emerald can be mentioned. It not only helps against food poisoning, bloated stomach and poisonous stings, but also with scalds. In addition, the emerald is the right stone when it comes to cooling down passion, when you are looking for a stone against forgetfulness or when you need something that relieves the pain of childbirth.

Needless to say, this form of therapy has many critics. There is no scientific evidence (or even evidence) that stones have a healing effect.

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