7 Chakra Special Oil Blends

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7 Chakra Oil Blends 

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7 Chakra Oil Blends


1. - Root Chakra

A balanced root chakra will have the following characteristics: being grounded, stability, stillness, prosperity, bodily health, a experience of protection and security, and being existing in the moment.
This fundamental oil combination offers the opportunity of taking part in being once with your self in a content, comfortable state, giving growth to having a massive power storage so you can get things done. It can be very supportive in supporting you accomplish your goals, from clarification of what you want to having the force to do what is wanted to accomplish your goal. This natural oil additionally helps you overcome fatigue and feeling down.

2. - Sacral Chakra

A balanced sacral chakra incorporates the following characteristics: potential to experience pleasure, emotional intelligence, sexual satisfaction, passion and the potential to make a change.
This natural essential oil mixture brings the strength of pure love and lightness of being, moving away sorrows and bringing a peaceful, secure calm. This oil is absolutely a needed for restoration trauma from abuse or whenever you are in an emotional disaster or struggling from sadness. It helps to foster hope and leads you from fear. The oil combination additionally opens you to love inside your self and the freedom of permitting love to go with the flow freely.

3. - Solar Plexus Chakra

A solar plexus chakra which is balanced show the following characteristics: confidence, warmth, self-discipline and reliability.
This wonderful oil combo is an oil for the restoration of any problems to the heart, when your feelings have emerge as difficult or jaded. This oil combo releases you from ancient wounds, letting you go ahead of the past, bringing the potential to move your thoughts. This oil mixture lets in you to go forward. You will experience the new, which lets in you to increase the internal peace to your future relationships.

4. - Heart Chakra

If the heart chakra is balanced, it will have the following characteristics: self-love, acceptance, peacefulness and being centred.
A remarkable oil combination that encourages free-flowing emotions, the capability to harmonize what you are feeling with your thoughts, and the potential open up your emotions. This oil mixture can assist you keep an easy and enclosed aura. Use this chakra scent for releasing constricted emotions saved in the chest, melancholy, and repressed emotions.

5. - Throat Chakra

The following characteristics are found with a balanced throat chakra: clear conversation with others and self as well as the right listening skills.
A top oil mixture that will assist motivate you to share your spirits with the world. This chakra balancing oil heals emotions and will assist you speak greater & effectively.

6. - Third-eye Chakra

If the 3 eye chakra is balanced, you will have sturdy intuition, exact memory, ease remembering dreams and the capacity to visualise.
This oil combo is a grounding essential oil, that is incredibly nice when meditating. Used with the aid of healers and non secular leaders worldwide, this oil brings an internal recognition and a experience of ease attractive with greater consciousness. Very useful for releasing blockages on you at your deepest levels. The oil combo helps spoil down illusions, assisting you align with your most real self.

7. - Crown Chakra

A stability crown chakra will have wisdom, intelligence, capability to analyse, open mind to the universe.
This essential oil is a high-quality oil, to use for full detaching. Useful in bettering your understanding of the truth of any situation.

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    Thanks so much for my custom set

  2. Arun

    wonderful energetic

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