Ozone Air Purifier

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Ozone Room Air Cleaner and Ozone Mini Portable Air Cleaner 

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Are You Concerned About...

Bacteria and viruses circulating in the air.With the Ozone Mini you can quickly sanitize the air and breathe in fresh, clean air.

How Does Ozone Kill Bacteria?

Ozone, O3, will actively seek out and eliminate bacteria. Ozone will penetrate the cell membrane and destroy the bacteria. Ozone will then turn back into O2, the oxygen that we breathe.

Ozone Mini Air Sanitizer works mostly to sanitize, remove odour, kills bacterial in the AIR!

Second hand smoke, harmful substances in Pet odour's, dust mite allergies the air, skin irritations restroom odors

Fully laboratory tested against bacterial, formaldehyde and nicotine (smoke).

Research From Japan
Shows Ozone Kills Coronavirus

According to a news report, studies from Fujita Health University indicate that at ozone levels harmless to people (0.05-0.1 ppm) low level ozone can kill the COVID-19 virus. When used at a low density for ten hours the virus’ life decreased by 90%.

How do I use it?
Simply place the machine on a well-ventilated area of the room and set the
timer. Close the windows and doors while the machine is sanitizing.
How long should I run it?
A 10-20 minute cycle will sanitize a room. If the room is extra dirty, you
can run the machine for longer.
When can I enter the room?
For Ozone Mini - You can stay as the ozone concentration is low.

For the Big room sanitizer enter the room 30 minutes after the machine turns off. This gives the ozone
time to dissipate. 

What’s the difference between this and an air filter/air purifier?
Many air filters do not include a strong sanitizer, meaning they circulate
bacteria in the air. Bacteria particles that are smaller than the size of the
filter will not be removed either, they will instead be spread throughout the
air. The Cashido Ozone Air Sanitizer will kill bacteria at the source.

What can it eliminate from a room?
It kills bacteria, virus and prevents the growth of mold. Ozone is also
effective at removing odors, including the smell of smoke.

Will it remove the smell of smoke?
Yes, ozone is effective at removing the smell of smoke.

Will it leave behind another smell?
Like all sanitizers, ozone has a smell. Many people say it smells like
watermelon or a fresh rainfall. After 30 minutes the smell will go away.

How big a room can it treat?
Ozone Mini 10  square meter

Big Machine for room sizes 24 to 42 square meters.
Can I use multiple units in one room?
Yes, you can use multiple units in larger areas or areas that need special care.

Can people, plants or pets be in the room at the time?Ozone mini no problem to have them inside, the concentration of ozone is low, will not harm any living creature. 

Big ozone machine , no, they should not be in the room during sanitization. Ozone sanitization with high ozone concentration will harm creatures, thus we advise entering the room 30 minutes after the machine turns off.

When is the best time to use it?
Turn it on before going to work, let it sanitize during the day and you can
come back to a clean house. Businesses typically turn it on after everyone
leaves the office for the day.
Keeping you safe keeping you safe...

Can ozone kill the new virus?
A recent article from Thailand explained how seventeen scientific studies
have shown the ability of ozone gas to kill the new virus.

Ozone is a natural sanitizer created from oxygen in the air we breathe. Ozone has been
used to sanitize for over 150 years. Ozone is widely used to kill bacteria and
viruses in food processing, tap water treatment, bottled water and in
swimming pools.
Lipid-enveloped viruses, such as the new virus, are especially sensitive to
oxidisation by ozone.
Research has shown that ozone can destroy the lipid-envelope. This
prevents the DNA and RNA from functioning, ending the life of the virus.
How does ozone clean ?
Ozone is natural, created from oxygen in the air we breathe.
Ozone reacts with bacteria and odors to destroy them on contact.
What’s the difference between ozone and room sprays/perfume?
Room spray will only cover the odor, it will return again later. Ozone
destroys the odor upon contact.

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