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Fasting has always been a massive topic of discussion, but it is currently popular again in health circles, especially with dry fasting. Not least because of the massive significance of the healing effect, as proven in clinical studies and therefore also practiced as a basic main therapy.

The benefits studied are intense, far-reaching, and broad-based, including even balancing insulin levels, increasing human growth hormone levels, especially initiating cell repair, as well as influencing positive changes in gene expression, and much more.

And even if fasting may seem like a new trend, in reality this method has been around since the primitive peoples, ancient Egypt, and thus for at least thousands of years.


Fasting as a Spiritual Practice


Fasting for spiritual purposes is therefore one of the oldest and most widespread traditions in the world and remains an essential part of the remedies of practically every major religion through explicit rituals and cultural integration, as it has achieved meaningful results from all traditions.

Jesus Christ, Buddha and the Prophet Mohammed all shared the same common belief in the healing power of fasting, and the Greek physician Hippocrates even clearly wrote:

“Eating when you are sick means to feed your illness.”

Others, such as the Greek historian and philosopher, Plutarch, shared the same view of fasting, which tradition testifies. Specifically, he wrote: “Instead of taking medicine, it is better to fast today”.

The ancient Greeks believed that medical treatment could be observed naturally, and one of nature’s greatest observations is that when animals become sick they stop eating and withdraw from the world in contemplation to recovery. Humans and animals alike therefore intuitively and instinctively give their body the vital rest and time to regenerate through self-healing powers.


Fasting – Nature’s operating table


Dr. Arnold Ehret, a 19th century German health educator, also believed in the miraculous powers of fasting. In his book Rational Fasting, he called fasting “nature’s operating table” and believed that if left alone, our bodies’ intelligence would heal itself. Jasmuheem also explains it in her bestseller light nutrition.

Today it appears that the phenomenon of fasting has found a renaissance among health advocates, with a legion of men and women effectively nurturing their known cognitive, physiological, and spiritual superpowers.


The different types of fasting


Fasting can be done for many reasons (religious, spiritual, physical, etc.), for different periods of time, and in different ways.

Some fasts can be done over long periods of time, such as trying to cure an incurable disease where a person can fast for months under a certain protocol (Master Fast System). Other fasts can be 3-10 days, and then there are those that fast for 12-24 hours daily or intermittently.

There are also different types of fasting. There are types of fasts that use only raw fruits and vegetables, juice fasts, water fasts, dry fasts, and more.

Juice fasting is just one of many different types of fasting. Water fasting and dry fasting are two other popular methods.

Each type and length of fast is used strategically based on your personal goals, but in general the mechanism works the same: fasting gives the body rest from extensive digestive and metabolic problems, takes its life energy and uses it to flush out acids and toxins, therefore as a detoxification and to rejuvenate the cells and to heal or renew themselves at the same time.

Did you know?

The standard diet weakens us!


The classic diet, which includes high amounts of cooked meat, dairy products, cereals and verprocessed food includes, overwhelms and weakens our organism, as well as the digestive and excretory systems.

The standard diet wreak havoc on our systems.

When we consider that no other animal is cooking its food, we can see how our deviation from nature has caused a sick and exhausted population. This heavy diet of cooked fats, starches, and meat is devoid of naturally occurring enzymes, which forces our digestive system to produce more of the body’s own enzymes and puts a strain on our organs.

But before these foods can be broken down and completely eliminated, they actually rot in our intestines instead, continuously releasing toxic by-products into the blood.

Cooked meat, fat, and grains are free of the enzymes needed to break down food in the body. As a result, the body cannot properly digest cooked food, which can ultimately rot in our intestines.

Living food with high enzyme levels in raw vegetables
If we compare the digestion of cooked foods to raw foods, there is a big difference. Due to the high enzyme values ​​in raw fruits and vegetables, our digestive system is able to break them down more quickly and utilize almost all parts of the food, minus the fibers, which serve as brooms for our digestive tract.

Raw foods, as fruits and vegetables, are rich in enzymes and nutrients. Our digestive system easily breaks down these foods, making use of their nutrients and completely eliminating leftovers.

Most people never take a break from digestion for more than nine hours, and the body, in turn, is constantly using energy to digest rather than eliminate and heal it. Also, too much is taken in at once, which is stressful for the digestive tract, instead of several times a day in a gentle way.

Rapid swallowing also makes digestion more difficult, as the stomach has to replace the performance of the teeth, which makes it even more difficult. This is then longer in the stomach and harmful can no longer be broken down and excreted in the amount.

Fasting, on the other hand, gives the pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines and kidneys a much-needed rest period that provides more energy for the immune, glandular and lymphatic systems. At this point our body will move into an automatically natural state of cleansing and excretion and transform in our favor.

The power of



One way to increase the regenerative effects of fasting is to include periods of dry fasting. Dry fasting simply means going without food and water.

When I first heard about the idea of ​​dry fasting, my mind did not accept the fact that not using water could be a useful practice. We were told at a young age that water is more imperative than anything to make sure we are getting our “eight glasses a day” so toxins could be flushed out, but it is definitely not. .

On the contrary, most of the exogenous water drunk today does a considerably poor job of hydrating our cells. Dry fasting enables our body to draw its water from metabolic water in our weakened and diseased cells.

I was one of those people who, through upbringing, forced myself to drink almost four liters a day in order to stay adequately “hydrated”. However, I have learned that drinking water, especially the water most commonly available to us today, is not hydrating at all.

Drinking too much water puts stress on the kidneys

Our cells will not absorb any foreign water up to the correct cell moisture content. Most of the time, drinking plenty of water puts a terrible strain on our kidneys and, paradoxically, tragically prevents them from fulfilling their main task, namely filtering lymphatic waste.

However, it has finally gotten through to scholars of every nation that one of the best ways to nourish our cells is through dry fasting. Does that sound strange? Read on.

In fact, during a dry fast, the Russian Dr. Sergei Ivanovich Filonov in his Book “Dry Medical Fasting” says, the body completely switches its detoxification pathways and becomes a cellular “furnace”.

A process of intensive healing through efficient body cleansing is initiated when the body frees itself from sick and old cells, thereby regenerating and even spacein the tissue creates for fresh cells so that new stem cells can form.

Because the body is hungry for water, our cells are sent. Stronger cells can turn off the weaker cells in the body through a process of phagocytosis. As the stronger cells absorb the weaker cells, they absorb the cell’s metabolic water, which supplies the body with moisture on a much deeper fundamental level than exogenous water. So essentially “dead” water is replaced by “living” water in this process.

With this new endogenous water, which is activated in the body, the blood and lymph are cleaned through an internal filtration process and the tissue through which blood and lymph circulate is clarified.

The immunity system

also benefits greatly

from dry-fasting


Inflammation is nourished by water, so if the body is deprived of the influx of exogenous water, it is very careful with the body’s own water – only for nourishing healthy cells for outstanding results.

For optimal results, resources are automatically transported and integrated in the body to ensure renewal. Diet is essential and therefore “you are what you eat”, as it is so beautifully symbolized in the folk ways. And you either complain to the. Literally, or you can make it easier through conscious relaxation and selective choices.

Damaged cells as well as various bacteria, viruses and parasites automatically suffer from a lack of water and die. Regeneration made easy. Irregularities such as cysts and benign tumors also dissolve with ease, as if by themselves through the autonomous sovereignty of self-cleaning.

Representation of phagocytosis.

During dry fasting, our stronger cells will utilize the weaker cells in a cannibalizing manner, so to speak, for healing purposes, and use it to absorb their metabolic water.

Fat loss is another positive side effect of dry fasting, more so than any other type of fast. During water fasting, on the other hand, both fat and muscle tissue are lost in almost equal parts. Dry fasting mostly burns fat by converting metabolic processes.

Since 90% of the fat cells consist of water, they break down 3-4 times faster than muscle cells during dry fasting. As a result, weight loss and rejuvenating body toning take place.

By eliminating weak and damaged cells, dry fasting does its wonders. It feels like scales from your eyes and like the moulting of a snake, your body renews itself and creates space for new things like clearing out and carrying out garbage.

The cells become stronger, producing “healthy offspring” as they divide. This process triggers the mechanism of natural selection in which only the strongest cells survive and thrive.

How to do

dry-fasting quickly

and safely


In Dr. Arnold Ehret’s book “Rational Fasting” warns, however, that the average person should be careful before starting a longer dry fast. This is because when the body starts removing toxins, they can start circulating in the blood.

This is often initially perceived as an initial aggravation and declared as normal accompanying inconveniences as “detoxification symptoms”. If a person is too toxic and impaired and the rate of elimination cannot keep up with the amount of toxins that are released from the tissue, then this irritatingly can make them very sick at first before the healing is successful.

For this reason, anyone who is chronically ill or has been following a classic diet for many years should rather fast only under the supervision of a doctor or detox specialist.

No stress while fasting

A good way to gently prepare and learn to relax while fasting is to gradually clean up your diet before fasting.

This could look something like first, giving up coffee, meat, alcohol, sugar and cigarettes, if this should still be consumed, and then only eating a diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables the week before. Until the transition is smooth, just drink liquid food, also known as “juice fasting”, than only you have tea, and then just drink water for a day or two before you move on to the dry season.

Juice fasting is a great way to get into an extended period of dry fasting. For the chronically ill, or those who have been on a classic diet for many decades, it is essential to seek the support of a doctor or professional detoxification specialist to be on the safe side.

This preparation will certainly make the fasting and detox process less uncomfortable or reward it with feelings of happiness.

As a safety precaution for those are heavily exposed to toxicity, Dr. Ehret recommends shorter fasts, more frequently, as preparation for complete cell renewal.


Short Fasting intervals help you get started


Constant, daily dry fasting times between 12-18 hours in between can be just as powerful as longer dry fasting and as euphoric as the one night’s sleep deprivation as a starting point for getting out of addicts and for depression in order to produce the body’s own messenger substances such as endorphins.

This could look like finishing your dinner at 7 p.m. and then going without food and water until noon the following day, but you can flexibly arrange it by one or two hours more or less.

After you have done these shorter fasting periods for a while, you can then focus on longer periods of time strengthened through relaxation and detoxification as well as tried out in the implementation of stamina.

Finally, Dr. Ehret explains, that breaking the fast is just as important as the fasting itself. The first meal after the fast should therefore ideally be expected to be laxative by itself, that is, eat foods that pass through the digestive tract quickly and carry toxins and rotting food components with them. Which therefore may seem necessarily cleansing and thus even unusual but is nevertheless expressly desired.

Watery and astringent fruits like melons, grapes, cherries, oranges etc. are the ultimate “scrubber” in this case, while raw vegetables act like the “sweeper” of our digetion tract. After you’ve finished the raw fruits and vegetables fast, you can then eat cooked vegetables.


Awakening the life force


Is fasting the most effective, natural, and ultimate way to develop our vitality?

Our ancestors and some of the great spiritual masters of our time understood that fasting was the key to purification and higher states of consciousness, and today we seem to be rediscovering this ability.

While some may argue that fasting in its various forms could just be another health “fashion”, and caused by ideals of beauty, the outstanding regeneration, and how gentle and light the body actually feels, when periodically, regularly take care of the necessary fasting periods, we do not deny it.

Get Well and stay Healthy with Fasting

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Look at Your Food !

While Fasting your body is detoxing junk and fast food WASTE’s.

So have a look at what you eat after your fasting cycle, to avoid again the poisoning of your body.

Let your body relax and recover to its human state, the new-born state, to finally get the immunity you really deserve.

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