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Oudh Fragrance

OUDH  explained – What is Oud

Oud or Oudh is extracted natural from the worlds most expensive woods. 

We offer for you the best and 100% natural Oils and perfume for women & men.

Some has its origin in the Asam region of India and some in cambodia, its royal grade and the Best in the World can rise prices up to 80000 OMR!  

The natural wood of Agar tree is odorless, light and pale in color. But after catching a particular mold-type the tree produces a dark-colored, thick raisin to heal. This is filling the tree with fragrance & dense color.

Our very rare and expensive“Oudh Oil” is extracted through a process called hydrodistillation from the raisin filled heartwood of Agar Tree. There are different grades but we choose the  Top grade always for our agarwood and agarwood oils.

The dark thick oil has a woody very unique, complex and strong fragrance. For centuries its secret scent has been treasured. You can buy natural perfum with oudh or just the oil or parfume oil mixtures.

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Popular especially in middle eastern countries

Oudh oil’s intense and complex aroma is suitable for such places, where weather is hot.

For other climates, it is often too strong to wear, so modern big parfume industries are using only a minimum amount to enhance their flavours as its lasting much longer with oudh. Like the Royal Parfume Amouage, which is a combination of finest ouds with the best flavours created by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos (peace be upon him)

Did we mention, it is much more expensive, buying a royal oud, than buying gold?

Other many additional benefit of these frangrances, beside feeling good about your self is, its enhancing awareness, reducing stress, promote harmony and calming your body and give mental functionality and clarity. 

Rare organic sandalwood oil jasminum sambac , luban oil , patchuli and musk or blue lotus are magical infusions, and can be wonderful combined to an everyday use parfumed oil with high expensive royal Oud to give a long lasting handcrafted touch to yourself. 


All our fragrances are quality tested and of ISO certified standard.

We perfectly balance it for YOUR uniqueness

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Affordability
  • Long Lasting Fragrances


Wear Natural Oudh Perfumes stand out from the crowd.


Omani Luban 

Famous Royal Hojari Omani Frankinces are world known as the Best Health Products and can be used internally and to enhance with the sweet lemon, smoky incense your mind and have a very wondeful cognitive enhancing effects.

After we test the quality – our recommendation is truly to go for the rare green Hojari , as its the purest and as well chewable. There are 3 Grade – All of them are excellent. 

The Green Grade 1 is the Royal and most expensive, mostly used for chewing only, few people burn it as well.

Grade 2 is white, grey-greenish as well good to chew or make lubanwater and excellent to burn for holy rituals or clearing minds. 

Grade 3 is the white yellowish light brown sometimes and the most common smoky burning incense for daily use and cleaning the house from negative energies. 

Luban Oils is called in arabic language if the Frankincense are used to make our finest and purest essential oil with its inflammatory  effect. Its specially used on skin to heal diseases, excema, best as a mix it with a basic oil, to avoid sensitive skin irritation, as there are very pure grades which not all people can use in skin direct. Frankincense Oils are also used with parfume oils like oud or sandalwood oils to create an exceptional floavour. 

Royal Hojari Green (Boswellia sacra) frankincense is very good for chewing it, as it hits all criteria for a good healthy chewing gum, which is healing natural internally the whole digestion system. It has a very good taste as well as cognitive enhancing effects.

Lower neural inflammation and thereby improvement of the function of the brain and its anti-inflammatory properties are used to healp internally by chewing or drinking the luban water. 

How to use Luban 


We offer 100% pure, organic, natural, Essential Oils, FREE of any Genetic modification. As some of the oils we offer are very concentrated, so we advise, if you may have sensitive skin, not to use these oils directly upon the skin.




Burning the Frankincense


You will need a metal or clay pot or incense burner.

Light a Charcoal full burned and red and put it into the incense burner.

Place Frankincense on it and enjoy the relaxing , exotic scent.


Tea from Frankincense


Use a few drops of Pure Luban oil or about 1 gram of Frankincense Resin into a liter of boiling water.

Boil for 15 minutes while stir frequently.

To give sweetness, you can mix it with honey to make a delicious Frankincense Tea


Frankincense Water


From the grreen or white Luban use a small amount like 1/2 gram only and add into a bottle of water and leave for 24 hours to soak in a fridge.

Common is also to enhance the water by the burning incese.



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