Natural Health remedies against Corona Virus

That’s what WE do 


This will give the body the opposite effect and weakening the own immunity !!!

Keep our body hydrated, with the right water, keep our body clean, with the right disinfection products …


Our Tips 

  1. Drink only filtered water, without fluoride, heavy metals, and other harmful stuff which unfortunately most of the tap waters contain.
  2. Do not use chemical hand sanitizer, use alcohol only but not frequently, as it drys your skin. 
  3. Use only natural, non-processed foods that harm your digestion system! Always remember 80 % of your immunity system lays inside your stomach. 
  4. internally try not to use industrially pharmacy, try herbal, holistic, and homeopathic or TCM medicine. 


Which Water is good to drink? 

We recommend TDS filters like Waterdrop, which is long-lasting up to 200 gallons, and we have tested the delivery, to Germany and Oman, both works very well. There are filters you can order additional, please do so, as they aren’t always available. 

We calculate by using 2-3 liter a day, and the filter lasts much longer than three months, as described in the product.

Or you can install the big RO systems, which filters out any of the harmful ingredients like arsenic, pesticides, leads, heavy metals, etc.

You can go for the natural water sources or factory filtered and filled water with low fluoride (lower than 0.7mg/l), and we recommend our Electric Kangen Water Bottle or the Alkaline water bottles or pouches to enhance your water with minerals to make it most body-friendly. 

How to sanitize – NON-toxic 

We recommend washing your hands by soap or by natural ozone only, which washes off any bacteria and pesticides as well. 

For the portable option – you can use sanitizer like pure alcohol to wash without other ingredients. 

But can you wash your mouth with alcohol or soap? No, of course not.

With our Ozone 10 Second Machine, you can get direct ozonized water from your tap, which’s perfect as well, to gargle your mouth, and wash your nose frequently to avoid any viruses or bacteria that cause sickness like covid19 or another influenza. And you can also take it with you as our portable option with a battery or fill a bottle and keep it closed, and the ozone will stay till use. 

How to sanitize large areas like surfaces or rooms? 

You can spray by alcohol, to sanitize areas like workplaces or your car, etc.

That actually might affect sensitive areas that aren’t suitable for contact with alcohol. In that case, we advise you to use a more effective and long-term cost-saving method: sanitize by ozone via Ozone-purifier. The option for larger rooms, like workplaces, hospitals, hotels, and homes, is the Air purifier, which you can find in our shop or the mini purifier, which can be used for car, fridge, workplaces like a desk or smaller rooms or cupboards. 

How to keep yourself clean and healthy from the inside? 

You can drink alkaline and Kangen water to keep any lower medium oxidized, so they cant survive in your body. 

You can meditate, and use healing frequency to stimulate your immunity and you can also use Lavylites products to keep your body holistic in a self-defending status. In our shop, you will see products to purchase and we can guide you to the steps, getting these Lavylites products as well for a better price, while using our registration details to purchase at discounted rates. 


Recommended and used by 8 Million people with almost zero side effects and effective in the first 3 days of covid

Shufeng Jiedu 

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